Dear Movie Industry, I really do love you most of the time. I even have a website devoted to you. But, you are dumbasses for thinking you can split the last book of every series into two parts for more money. If it didn’t work for Harry Potter, it won’t work for anything.  -B

I hope all of you are smart enough to realize without me telling you that this movie is boring as fuck. I don’t mean to insult you, but I didn’t bother to watch this in the theater even though I LOVED the book. Why? Because I knew it was going to be awful… That being said it was a billion times better than part one. THAT was a big pile of nothing. This is a medium sized pile of nothing with some cool action sequences and so many EXCITING love triangle scenes!!! (Sarcasm, obviously). I will say that in it’s defense none of the Hunger Games movies were all that good or interesting. Once our excitement wore off from an amazing book series turning into movies we started to realize they are terrible. This is easily the best one from them at least.  Sad to say though, but I feel like Jennifer Lawrence phoned this one in hard. It’s not like her but Katniss has almost no depth to her this movie… Though, on the other side, this is Josh Hutchersons best performance of the series! At this point Peeta is broken and on the teetering edge of insane… Hutcherson nailed it. If I could find anyway to fix this I’d cut about 20 minutes off of the beginning when nothing happens and extend the end a tiny bit. In the book series the epilogue was perfect. A wonderful way to wrap up a tragic story… This one attempted that but I would have liked more…In the end I liked the last half hour of this and THAT might be stretching it.